After months of endless speculation, BBC News has finally been Reithed! I'll be updating the site over the coming days with presentation from national and regional bulletins.

For those asking if I intend to bring back all my television presentation pages, you'll be pleased to hear that I've put it back online at a seperate site called TellyPres. This other site will NOT be updated. I just want to concentrate on this site and the other sites in the portfolio, including Presblog and the very popular TV Booth Podcast.

I am aware of the fact that there are a few gaps in the coverage I have, and there are some broken images, so please don't alert me to them, I intend to fix them in due course. Obviously, if you have images of news presentation you'd like to share with me, please get in touch.

ITV News Channel

The ITV News Channel was a 24-hour television news channel in the United Kingdom which broadcast from 1 August 2000 to 23 December 2005.

ITV News at Ten

News at Ten is the flagship evening news programme on British television network ITV, produced by ITN and founded by news editor Geoffrey Cox in July 1967.

ITV Lunchtime News

The ITV Lunchtime News is the afternoon news bulletin on the British television network ITV. It is produced by ITN.