LWT News: 1988-1990

During 1987, LWT finally responded to the IBA’s concerns by announcing plans to launch a full-strength weekend news service for the first time. The company decided to outsource production of LWT News (on a two-year contract worth around £3.5 million) to the news agency Screen News, after beating around twenty applications from other groups.

The service launched on Friday 8 January 1988, providing at least eight bulletins of local news, sport and weather each weekend. The bulletins were later supplemented by a weekly in-depth review programme entitled LWT News Weekend. At the time, LWT’s head of news was Mark Sharman, who would later become ITV’s controller of news and sport. Presenters included Lynda Dryburgh, Pam Royle, Anna Maria Ashe, Ed Boyle and Linsday Charlton.

LWT News ceased operation on Sunday 3 January 1993 to make way for the launch of a new seven days a week news service jointly run by LWT and Carlton Television, in a joint venture known as London News Network.

Promo: 1987-1988
Launch of the new London weekend news service

Presenter and title